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Faithful 31 Moms Podcast


The Profound Truth Card Set from our Devotional Podcasts is available to purchase. Each set comes with a canvas bag, a stand (shown below) and scripture on the back of each card. They are great to keep around the house and are mom-friendly, with a coating on the cards to protect them from messes.

Joyce Rogers Show Notes

It was a joy having Mrs. Joyce Rogers and Mrs. Buna Sorrell share their wisdom with us about motherhood, marriage, priorities and friendship!

A couple of Mrs. Joyce’s books were mentioned for quotes and stories:

  1. Chosen to Be A Minister’s Wife
  2. Becoming A Woman of Wisdom

“Anything worthwhile requires a lot of skill, a lot of time and a lot of sacrifice.” That is so true, especially with teaching our children about living for the Lord.”  —Joyce Rogers

Thank you both for being Titus 2 women and taking the time to share with us today! Mrs. Joyce you said that, “It is imperative that we provide godly mentoring to this generation—to our generation of children and grandchildren and yes, great- grandchildren.” This is so true and unfortunately does not happen enough. So thank you both for mentoring us some today!

Caroline Saunders Show Notes

Caroline Saunders is so much fun, and I was so encouraged by our time together and hope you will be as well! Find Caroline on social media @writercaroline or for more resources go to 

Episode One: Quiet Times for Moms

  1. Simple Study Bible Binder Download– Caroline has written this as a resource to really take hold of what the Bible is saying in context and to keep your studying organized.
  2. QUIET TIMES FOR MOMS: “Hold the priority up really high, but hold its shape loosely.” Psalm 63:1- Seek God “earnestly” which means with priority. Mom life will likely not allow your quiet time to look the same everyday, so don’t be discouraged! Hold it loosely but in high priority, so you can come back to it all through the day!
  3. Story & Soul Weekend: An annual weekend retreat in December for women. A weekend of Scripture, Stillness and Sisterhood. For more information about this event: go to or on social media everywhere @storyandsoulweekend

Episode Two: Resources and Readiness to Share Jesus with our Kids

We for sure don’t know everything—but these are some things that have practically worked for us with our children. 

1. “Model it!” Let your delight in the Lord be seen and the time you spend with Him, and it will overflow into your kids. 

2. “Keep good stuff in reach!” Keep resources on hand around the house. A few Caroline recommends:

3. Slow and Meaningful scripture memory: Helps kids build confidence & hide scripture in their hearts.

4. Be ready to DROP EVERYTHING for gospel conversations with your kids!

5. Remember sometimes your kids are taking things in and you may not see it. “Fruit grows so slow and there may be things happening spiritually underground with them, that you can’t see yet.” Observe them and praise the Lord for the way they are uniquely made and how they process information. 

*Available September 1st, 2020: Caroline’s Study for teens and young girls: “Better than Life: How to Study the Bible and Like it.” A study of Psalm 63. (Will be available on Amazon) or go to