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Faithful 31 Podcast

Joyce Rogers Show Notes

It was a joy having Mrs. Joyce Rogers and Mrs. Buna Sorrell share their wisdom with us about motherhood, marriage, priorities and friendship! 

A couple of Mrs. Joyce’s books were mentioned for quotes and stories: 

  1. Chosen to Be A Minister’s Wife
  2. Becoming A Woman of Wisdom

“Anything worthwhile requires a lot of skill, a lot of time and a lot of sacrifice.” That is so true, especially with teaching our children about living for the Lord.”  —Joyce Rogers

Thank you both for being Titus 2 women and taking the time to share with us today! Mrs. Joyce you said that, “It is imperative that we provide godly mentoring to this generation—to our generation of children and grandchildren and yes, great- grandchildren.” This is so true and unfortunately does not happen enough. So thank you both for mentoring us some today!