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When You’re Up Late…

It's late. Or some might say early.  About 2 o'clock in the morning. My 4 year old is up calling for me. He has gone "tee tee" in the bed. I get up (not super willingly) to go change sheets and calm one very upset little boy down and tell him it's okay to have...

Little Specs of Glass

This story begins with a shatter...literally! That's just life with boys I guess, anything nice or breakable within reach seems to find its way to broken. Oh well...I'm not bitter, so moving on. 😊 As of late, my 19 month old, James, has decided the dishwasher is a...

Summer Survival Part Two: REST

Listen to this Podcast Episode 48 here Two ways REST will make you a better mom if you make them a priority: Let’s start with God’s Word in Proverbs 3:21-24: “Keep sound wisdom and discretion; So they will be life to your soul and grace to your neck. Then you will...

A Mom’s Journey Through Worry

From one mom to another... I don’t normally share personal stories about my kids much outside the podcast, but I had to share this short story about how faithful the Lord is!  My son Jake just turned 8 for reference. When he was born, he had severe colic that lingered...

SUMMER SURVIVAL: Working Together as One Family

Listen to this Podcast Episode 47 here PART 1: WORKING TOGETHER AS ONE FAMILY It’s summertime and your kids are home out of school and out of normal routines. Summer can be so much fun with day camps, vacations and more time outside soaking up the sun, but summer can...

Mental Health in Motherhood

Listen to Episode 43 for Interview Part 1 here and Episode 44 for Part 2 here. Our Interview today is with Mom and Licensed Professional Counselor Martha Burke. We are going to talk about a much-needed topic—and that is mental health, pertaining specifically to moms…....

BIG GOD QUESTION KIDS ASK #3: “Will God Ever Leave ME?”

BIG GOD QUESTIONS KIDS ASK #3 Listen to this Podcast episode 43 here. How to answer when your child asks: “Will God ever leave me?” No God never leaves us. He gives us this promise in the Bible: “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” So we may boldly say: “The Lord...

Raising Boys: A Podcast Interview

Special “Boy Mom” Podcast Interviews with Denise Bell and Maryellen Allen Listen to Podcast Episode 39 here and Episode 40 here. First, a little background on these two women:  These two women have made a huge impact on my life! They served in ministry with my husband...

Share Jesus Conversationally

Click here to listen to this devotional podcast episode 37. Pastor Adrian Rogers said that we must teach our children conversationally about the Lord. The Lord is daily faithful to present opportunities for God conversations, but we as moms must be ready and in the...


Click here to check out this podcast episode 38 “If God created everything, then who created God?” Moms, your kids have likely asked you this question at some point in their early years as you begin to introduce Bible stories and learning to pray—and if you haven’t...

Raising Girls: A Podcast Interview

A Podcast Interview with Darlene Brock. Listen to this podcast interview episode 35 here and episode 36 here. Darlene Brock is a woman of many hats, including: mom of 2 girls, wife, author, business woman and co podcast host of This Grit & Grace Life...

Teach Your Kids Creatively About Jesus

How can we teach God’s Word creatively to our kids?! Click here to listen to this devotional by podcast: Episode 33: Third Parenting Secret-Be Creative. While still being convinced in our love for the Word ourselves and also consistent in how we teach. These devotions...


Real Moms. Real Truth. Real Life. 

Faithful 31 Moms offers a weekly podcast for moms with real life interviews and devotionals that are relatable and rooted in the unwavering truth of God’s Word. We want to encourage moms to remain faithful through life’s ups and downs. How to live out what you believe & point your kids to Jesus.

“She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.” ~Proverbs 31:26

Looking for a simple and different way to spend daily time with the Lord?

Faithful 31 Moms and Love Worth Finding teamed up to provide you with this free Scripture writing plan: Praying Parent. It’s simple and great for busy Moms! Simply write the Scripture given each day and journal a prayer to the Lord. 30 days of intentional prayer and Scripture that will transform your mothering! 

The Ten Commandments for the Home Family Worship Kit

The Ten Commandments aren’t outdated and only found on scrolls. In fact, they are more needed today than ever! We must take responsibility in teaching God’s Word to our children, but sometimes we just don’t know where to start…

This kit makes it easy to follow to be intentional in studying God’s Word together. It includes everything you need for 10 weeks: Pastor Adrian Rogers’ timeless book, “Ten Secrets for a Successful Family,” 10 brief Bible studies, 10 fun activity cards that give kids a visual for each commandment, 10 magnets for the fridge and a modern Ten Commandments print to hang in your home. Your children will treasure the time you spend together studying God’s Word as a family!

*Use special promo code F31M5 for $5.00 off!


Written by: Mallory Allen
Illustrated by: Abby Dearing
(Referenced in our December 2020 Podcast)

Little Adrian and his mom are off to enjoy a beautiful day together, with a picnic lunch on a mountainside covered in wildflowers! Adrian looks out over God’s creation and asks big questions about God. They come up with a game to play called the “Casting of the Flowers” as mother and son go through the alphabet sharing names and characteristics of God for each letter.

Have fun teaching your kids the Bible!

Summer is coming soon! This is a great way to keep them reading while they are out of school, while also hiding God’s Word in their hearts!