Check out the latest podcast on how to find balance during the Holiday Season, based off of the story of Mary and Martha. All moms will be busy this season, that’s unavoidable, but we must take time for our family and to spend time Jesus!

Offering a FREE downlaod of 8 simple & easy recipes of things you can leave in a crock pot or freeze ahead of time, that will take some time and stress off in the cooking department this Holiday Season!

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Our NEW Devotional Coloring Book

The Casting of the Flowers Devotional Coloring Book is great to pair with our children’s storybook “Casting of the Flowers.” Every name and characteristic of God from the original storybook is taught in further detail through devotionals, activities, and coloring sheets that are perfect to do with your kids! Use this book in your church or home!

Casting of the Flowers Children's Book

Grab a copy of our Children’s book written by Mallory Allen, to help teach your kids the names and characteristics of God in a way they can understand. Great for ages 4-10 and kids that are asking BIG questions about who God is!