Looking for a simple and different way to spend daily time with the Lord?

Faithful 31 Moms and Love Worth Finding teamed up to provide you with this free Scripture writing plan: Praying Parent. It’s simple and great for busy Moms! Simply write the Scripture given each day and journal a prayer to the Lord. 30 days of intentional prayer and Scripture that will transform your mothering! 



In a world overwhelmed by lies and opinions, we need the truth more than ever before. Where can we find the truth so we can teach it to our kids?

This 30 day Scripture Writing Plan will help get you started in spending time in God’s Word, referenced in our Rebekah Podcast.


Written by: Mallory Allen
Illustrated by: Abby Dearing
(Referenced in our December 2020 Podcast)

Little Adrian and his mom are off to enjoy a beautiful day together, with a picnic lunch on a mountainside covered in wildflowers! Adrian looks out over God’s creation and asks big questions about God. They come up with a game to play called the “Casting of the Flowers” as mother and son go through the alphabet sharing names and characteristics of God for each letter.


A set of Biblical quotes and scripture for your home. Comes with a a wooden stand for display. Makes a great gift as well!

The Ten Commandments for the Home Family Worship Kit

The Ten Commandments aren’t outdated and only found on scrolls. In fact, they are more needed today than ever! We must take responsibility in teaching God’s Word to our children, but sometimes we just don’t know where to start…

This kit makes it easy to follow to be intentional in studying God’s Word together. It includes everything you need for 10 weeks: Pastor Adrian Rogers’ timeless book, “Ten Secrets for a Successful Family,” 10 brief Bible studies, 10 fun activity cards that give kids a visual for each commandment, 10 magnets for the fridge and a modern Ten Commandments print to hang in your home. Your children will treasure the time you spend together studying God’s Word as a family!

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Have fun teaching your kids the Bible!

Summer is coming soon! This is a great way to keep them reading while they are out of school, while also hiding God’s Word in their hearts!