It’s August and Back-to-School time is here!

So before ALL the things begin: carpools, homework, extra activities and earlier bedtimes, how can you and I focus on being intentional as moms to make the most of this school year with our kids?

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Summertime is coming to a close, and if I’m honest, I will miss the longer days of sunshine, (but not the Memphis heat!) having the kids home more and the leisure of getting to sleep a little later! Even so, getting back on a more consistent schedule that comes with back-to-school, will be good for everyone!

If you find find your family in a transition year: starting a new school, starting to home school or it’s your first time sending your baby off to preschool — I understand! — My youngest is leaving his preschool of several years to start kindergarten, and I can’t believe it!

So moms, you have either completed the following of they are in progress: you’ve taken the kids for their physicals, bought the school supplies, filled out the school forms, met the teacher and it’s time to start back to school! So before everything starts back, here is the question:

How can you and I focus on being intentional as moms to make the most of this school year with our kids? 

Here are 5 back to school challenges for both you and I this year as our kids start back to school:

  1. Don’t forget to slow down!
    • It’s easy to get up earlier to walk them in the FIRST day of school and kiss them and tell them to have a wonderful day—but as the days go on and life gets busier…you’re running late…someone forgets their folder….or you’re turning into carpool on two wheels—I’m speaking to myself here too…don’t forget to slow down! Always make time to sit down your morning tasks to hug and kiss them and tell them you love them EVERYDAY before they go in to school. It’s so important for their emotional security.

  1. Be an example — Your kids are watching you!
    • Adrian Rogers said: “We owe to our children an example. Did you know there’re a lot of things that they can’t learn any other way, they can’t really learn in Sunday school, they can’t learn in public school, they’ve got to be demonstrated. Now what are we interested in with our kids? Well, sports, grades, physical health, popularity, ability. But who is teaching them godly character?” 

    • Let your kids see you with your Bible out in the morning…maybe even share with them small truth of what you are learning that day. Pray with them. Find ways to bring up Jesus in everyday moments. Don’t ever leave it for question whether or not you love Jesus, show them by living it out in front of them daily. Our kids are watching us more than we even realize!

  1. Fill your home with unconditional love.
    • When your son or daughter doesn’t make the team, when they have a bad day, a friend hurts their feelings or they make a bad choice and mess up, they still won’t be afraid to come to you. They will know you will love them no matter what they do, so they can open up and tell you how they are really feeling. Even if they mess up or things need to be addressed with discipline, your love doesn’t waver.

    • I want my boys to know they can always come to me, even if I won’t like something they have done, that I will always love them through it.
    • *TIP I have learned on this one about getting boys in particular to open up: Talking around the dinner table or right after you pick them up from school, when the school day is fresh on their minds, is a great time for these conversations.

  1. Encourage and affirm your kids everyday!
    • Adrian Rogers said: “Children need encouragement like a plant needs water.”
    • I try to do this throughout the day when I can, but I always make it my goal to bless my kids at bedtime by speaking encouraging words over them like: “I’m so proud of you for________” (being a leader today, making good decisions, standing up for others, etc.) or “I love your_________” (smile, your kindness, your heart for Jesus, etc.)
    • SEND THEM TO BED WITH THEIR TANK FULL and ready for a new day! They may not remember the day-to-day details, but they will always remember these moments when you blessed and affirmed them.

  1. Last, a challenge for you and your kids — Be a light for Jesus to others!
    • This is a great daily challenge to tell them before school as they are getting out of the car: “Go be a light for Jesus!”
    • First, explain what that means. You may have taught them the song “This Little Light of Mine” when they were little…my kids asked me one time, what it meant in that song to hide your light under a bushel? I think it was best demonstrated when I turned off all the lights one night and took a flashlight and turned it on. It pierced the darkness and I told them, “This is what carrying the light of Jesus does…you light up the darkness in this world.”
    • Matthew 15:14-16 says: “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.  In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
    • They can be a light at school, just as you can be from day-to-day too, mom: At home, at work, running errands, meeting up with friends, etc. Don’t hide the light of Jesus or pull it out of your pocket just when it’s easy or convenient. Shine the light of Jesus wherever you go!


*Several of the ideas and quotes from this blog are from a message by Adrian Rogers called “Raising Kids that Count.” LISTEN TO THIS MESSAGE HERE for FREE from out hosting ministry, Love Worth Finding.

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Listen to this as a podcast audio episode HERE