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When school starts back, we jump back into the routine of waking up early to pack lunches, filling our afternoons with homework, sports and activities, leaving just enough time to make or grab some dinner before baths and bedtime!


School days can quickly become a mundane schedule of busyness! How can we pause before it all starts back and really be intentional with our kids this year in our presence and purpose?


Before we get back into the school swing, here are FIVE BACK TO SCHOOL CHALLENGES FOR MOM:


  1. Our kids will only be this age and in this grade once! Soak up the first-day moment! Take pictures…not for social media, but for remembering! Don’t drown in school supplies, lunches and carpools—SLOW DOWN and just be fully present!


  1. As school days becomes routine, still hug and kiss them and tell them you love them EVERYDAY before they go in to school—even if you are running late! Older kids may try to pull away from your affection, but they really do crave your physical touch for their emotional security.


  1. Commit to pray with them every morning on the way to school. Memorize 1 Timothy 4:12 together and recite/challenge them with it everyday to make their school a mission field. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.” 


  1. Take time each evening to have intentional conversation over dinner. This may be around the table, eating in the living room or in a restaurant—but the goal is to be purposeful in learning about their day. Playing a game of GOOD, BETTER, BEST with everyone can help break the ice. Simply ask: What was something GOOD that happened today? What is something that you could have done BETTER? What was the BEST part of your day?


  1. End the Day with JESUS! Be consistent to pray and read a Bible story with your family. It may even mean that bedtime has to happen a little earlier to get it all done, but it is worth it! Always bless them before tucking them into bed by speaking encouraging words over them like: “I’m so proud of you for________” (being a leader, making good decisions, standing up for others, etc.) or “I love your_________” (smile, your kindness, your heart for Jesus, etc.) SEND THEM TO BED WITH THEIR TANK FULL, ready for a new day! They may not remember the day-to-day details, but they will always remember these moments when you blessed and affirmed them!

Listen to this podcast episode 51 here or on the homepage.