Sharing a list of 11 resources for your kids that all point to Jesus…whether it be Christmas stories about the Nativity or children’s storybooks and Bibles to use all year long, they are ALL things that I have personally used with my kids or have been recommended by trusted friends. ALL great ideas for your Christmas shopping!




Today’s blog is pretty simple!—I’m going to share some of my favorite Christian Resources that would make great gifts resources to use with your kids as Christmas approaches!


These gift ideas are some of our family favorites…


There are so many products out there that it can sometimes be overwhelming, and I like to know they are reliable and aligned with real TRUTH….So these are things I have personally used with my own kids or trusted friends have suggested (especially for the younger toddler crowd) that I am recommending for your kids in the list below.

Whether you are looking for some great Christmas books to read with your kids or grandkids throughout December or trying to find material for the NEW YEAR coming, there are plenty of choices for multiple ages below. So let’s get started!


  1. TALES THAT TELL THE TRUTH SERIES (about $10 each) 14 books by 10 different authors. All of these stories are based on truth of the Bible in a ways kids can understand in storybook form, with beautiful illustrations. These have lead to some really great conversations with my boys about the Lord. They can be used for kids of varying ages 4-11 years old.


  1. God Gave Us Christmas  ($8) I LOVE this one! It’s a short and simple book that we read every Decemeber, even though my kids (7&4) are probably getting on the older side for it, but they still love it! The story is about a momma polar bear and her cub, and the cub is asking questions like our kids ask us. For example, the cub asks “Who invented Christmas?” and the momma polar bear addresses how Christmas is about more than santa and presents…it’s about Jesus! Additionally, check out God Gave us Heaven, from the same series ($9). It’s a good option if someone has recently gone to Heaven in your family, and the questions kids ask about Heaven.


  1. Forest of Faith Book Series: This is an adorable Christmas series of storybooks about little forest animals that can teach your kids about Jesus in a fun and simple way. Great for kids 3-8 years old.
  • Here are some of our favorites in the series:
    • A Birthday Party for Jesus ($13) This is our favorite one! his is the one we have and I love it! Kids associate birthdays with being very special, and this book is a great read about the animals throwing a special birthday party for Jesus at Christmas. I have used this both at church and at home multiple times, and it really helps put the real meaning of Christmas first…that it’s all about Jesus!
    • Everyone is Invited to Christmas ($9)


  1. The Animals Christmas Eve A Little Golden book ($4). A fun, quick read for toddlers who love animals, and you are trying to teach them about the nativity and baby Jesus this Christmas..


  1. The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado ($10). A story I grew up with my mom reading this to my sister and I every Christmas, and now I read it to my boys. It’s about a little lamb who is crippled, so he has to stay behind from the flock and ends up at the manger scene with Jesus and helps keep them warm. Obviously a fictional story, but  so sweet and helps kids to see how Jesus came for us all and has a purpose for us. 


  1. The Joy of Giving—Berenstain Bears by Jan Berenstain ($4). A short storybook for kids of all ages. Sharing that Christmas is about more than getting presents…it’s about giving to others, because we have already received the greatest gift…JESUS! This is a favorite of my boys every Christmas season.


  1. Good Good Father Storybook by Chris Tomlin and Pat Barrett ($6). This is the sweetest storybook and makes a great gift! God is represented in this fictional story, as a Lion who is the KING. And this little bear tucker wants to go to the KING with his needs and to help his friends. Tucker wants to bring the KING a gift, so he asks all the animals what that should be, not realizing that all he needed was to bring himself! This parallels to how we can go to God in prayer with anything…such a great book and has stayed a favorite at my house for years now!


  1. Indescribable Kids Series by Louie Giglio. If your kids are curious or love science and animals—this is a great devotional to pick up—and they are only two pages long, so easy to do everyday. There are many now in the collection, but our favorites at my house are:


  1. The Rhyme Bible by L.J. Sattgast. This is great for toddlers, recommended by my friend Bethany Gaines! 


  1. I love Jesus Storybook Bible by Sallie Lllyod Jones. This is a classic and you may already have at home, but I love the way it shows how Jesus is weaved throughout the entire Bible! However, it can be a bit long for bedtime reading, so another suggestion I have that does a similar thing, but with shorter stories is the Jesus Calling Bible Storybook by Sarah Young,(both about $11).


  1. Joffa is a company in Memphis, TN where a close friend of mine works. They sell handmade gifts from all over the world…anything from kids bracelet making sets, to candles and home decor. The prices are pretty decent too for what you are getting and who you are helping. The money helps support women around the world that are trying to earn a living to support their families, get out of sex trafficking or things like that. They have some kids stuff, but they have a lot of great options for your kids teacher gifts too. Use the code FAITHFUL at checkout for 10% off your next purchase.


Last but certainly not LEAST are 2 products from Faithful 31 Moms and my hosting ministry Love Worth Finding:


  1. Casting of the Flowers Storybook and Devotional coloring book by (ME) Mallory Allen. This duo makes a great gift to give with markers or colored pencils, that takes kids through a story and then a coloring book devotional all about the names and attributes of God in ways your child can understand!


  1. “Let’s Talk Christmas Traditions” Card Set, is a new Love Worth Finding product out this Christmas. ($13 and use code F31M10 for 10% off your purchase!) These are so fun, and easy to do around the dinner table or at bedtime! They are fun and simple questions about Christmas that you ask everyone in the family to answer. For example: “What is your favorite ornament on the tree?” Then there is a QR code that takes you to a spiritual emphasis with every fun question that will lead to great conversations with kids and parents to do together!


That’s ALL the GIFT ideas I have for today! I hope this has been helpful!


Please be sure to share these suggestions with your mom friends and tell them about this Faithful 31 Moms ministry as we are all trying to finish up Christmas shopping! Remember also, to keep up the good work of pointing your kids to Jesus!