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Pastor Adrian Rogers said that we must teach our children Consistently about the Lord. Another word for consistent is to be diligent, which means to work very hard at something over time. That is a perfect definition of motherhood, because mothering is hard work, but it is also so rewarding! All the patience, love, discipline, affection and affirmation that goes into mothering is worth every single ounce of energy. If you are tired today, and consistency seems far out of reach for you, let me encourage you that you are doing great and teaching God’s word consistently is achievable!

Today’s verse is Deuteronomy 6:7a:

“You shall teach them diligently to your children.”

Teaching God’s word consistently means we must be rooted and unchanging in our faith, fully committed to teaching it to our kids. However, our kids do not catch our faith overnight, it is done over time. This is encouraging to us as moms, because it relieves the pressure that teaching our kids to love God’s Word is something that is instantaneous. It won’t happen in a couple of nights of reading Bible stories or memorizing a few verses—It takes time! So breath…consistency is not about immediacy.

Isaiah 28:10  says: “Your teaching needs to be “precept by precept; line upon line”

Adrian Rogers encouraged parents like this: “Build truth on top of truth; teach God’s Word over and over again….Don’t say, “Well I told them that. What’s next?” Your children might need to hear that particular truth or exhortation again. Few, if any of us, learn everything we’re supposed to the first time around.”

Habits aren’t formed overnight. Too many times we start something and quit, then start it again and quit again. Be consistent in your teaching of God’s Word. Pastor Rogers said, “The cumulative effect of “line upon line” teaching over time—spiritual compound interest—is wonderful!”

A challenge for today is to invest in a children’s bible. Read God’s word over and over to your children—finish a bible story and come back to it again later. Maybe add on memorizing a passage of scripture this summer as they are out of school. You don’t have to do it ALL in one day—in fact you can’t—it takes time, and God will honor your consistency!

Click here to listen to this devotional podcast episode 31