Pandemic life. It’s been interesting and although not very socially active, things have been plenty active at home for us moms! Some days may be all sunshine and relaxation—picnics outside, sleeping in late with no carpool lines to make, cuddling on the couch in PJs late in the morning, watching your kids swing or run through the sprinkler in the backyard. Those are some days…and those days are so fun and special to a momma’s heart. Then there are those “OTHER” days…you know the ones…the ones that you want to be over way before bedtime comes! The days where you started out on social media playing the comparison game, instead of in your Bible letting the Lord shape your heart and give you strength for the day ahead. The days when your kids are going insane behind you as you try to have a work Zoom call from home. The days spills and potty accidents keep happening, the kitchen stays messy, laundry is piled up and siblings have been around each other a little too much and won’t stop fighting. We have ALL experienced both kinds of days, but if you find yourself having one of those “OTHER” days…then I have some encouragement for you from Proverbs 31:25. “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Momma—You are stronger than you know! Your strength comes from the Lord—And the Lord says that as His child, you are “clothed with strength and dignity.” Now that is the ultimate clothing fashion statement—Strength & Dignity—over our pandemic mom uniform of yoga pants and an oversized T-shirt! What does it mean to be clothed in dignity? Dignity means to be composed, calm, respectable, patient…a woman of integrity. I don’t always feel worthy of the word dignity and all of its great meanings. Some days we get it wrong, and we aren’t strong and we aren’t composed—we feel crazy, impatient and are constantly comparing ourselves to other moms, focusing on where we fall short. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect…just faithful and unwavering in our efforts to try again. Honestly, some of my best conversations and growing moments with my kids, is when I have messed up or lost my cool and had to go back and apologize to them. It’s humbling and it’s healthy for a momma’s heart. I have found that like the Lord, kids are quick to forgive. They also learn a lot from your ability to admit your shortcomings and trying to do better. “She laughs without fear of the future.” Have you ever heard that laughter is the best medicine? Have you slowed down and laughed with your family today? As moms, we get wrapped up in worry—with schedules, stress, social media comparison, jobs, cleaning, cooking and laundry….and before you know it, an entire day goes by without slowing down to enjoy the little moments and the laughter with your family. God has already paid the price on the cross for you, and He loves you like no other! You can trust Him with your day-to-day and you can trust Him with your future. Slow down from the stresses and the messes and from thinking you aren’t doing a good enough job as a mom…because YOU have a SAVIOR who loves you and who cares for you. Who gave these children to you as a gift, knowing you were just what they needed, shortcomings and all. So laugh off those “OTHER” days and find some joy in them…The God of Heaven is holding you and won’t let you go!