Special “Boy Mom” Podcast Interviews with Denise Bell and Maryellen Allen

Listen to Podcast Episode 39 here and Episode 40 here.

First, a little background on these two women: 

These two women have made a huge impact on my life! They served in ministry with my husband and I during two major mile stones: When I first became a wife and when I first became a mother. I have watched them raise their boys through teen years, and we chaperoned many youth camps together! 

I look up to these ladies so much and often go to them when I have questions about raising my boys. Maryellen Allen (no we aren’t related) is a mom of 2 grown young men and Denise Bell is a mom of 5 boys…WOW!

If you are raising sons of any age, please be sure to listen to these 2 podcast episodes to get the most out of this information below! (Listen to Podcast Episode 39 here and Episode 40 here. )

Here are a few subjects we cover in the two-part interview:

Part One: Covering Birth – 12yrs.

1. Prioritizing family time and balancing schedules

2. Start sharing about Jesus early! How to do this…

3. Affirming our boys and emotional support.

4. Communicate Clearly.

5. Teach them to lead well!

Part Two: Teen Years – Adult & Marriage

1. Raising brothers to be friends. 

2. Communication in teen years. How? 

3. Show them how to lead.

4. Puberty and purity

5. Letting them go as they become adults…specifically in marriage when you become the second woman in their life. 

Material References mentioned in this episode:

1.Bringing Up Boys” by James Dobson

2. “The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.

3. Growing Kids God’s Way Study by Gary Ezzo

4.5 Love Languages of Childrenby Gary Chapman

Listen to Podcast Episode 39 here and Episode 40 here.