Today, I am excited to have one of my most favorite people in all of the world to help me talk about the topic of leading kids to Jesus…And since he is a kid himself, who better to give us an inside perspective to how they think?! Join me as I interview my 10 year old son, Jake!


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Jake, it’s been a while since you have been on the podcast…I think the last time was in the summer of 2020, when you were just 7 years old about to be in 1st grade! Crazy how the time flies….right moms?!

Now he is 10 years old and is in the 4th grade, and I cannot believe it!

1. Jake, tell us some of your favorite things to do?

Jake: Well I love to play with Legos, play all sports, but most of all baseball, and I also play the guitar. 

Mallory: He also is a collector of MANY things…And this keeps us busy! 🙂

So Jake, I want to ask you a couple of questions today and get the inside scoop for the moms of what kids really think when it comes to faith conversations with their parents…


2. Jake, did you know that even parents, can get nervous sometimes about sharing Jesus with their kids? 

Jake: No, I didn’t know that. 

Mallory: Do you think that’s weird?

Jake: Yes…kind of…

Mallory: Yes, it’s true! Especially when we think you might ask us a question that we won’t know the answer to.


3. Jake, If you asked me a question about God or something in the Bible, that I didn’t know the answer to, what would you want me to do or say to you?

Jake: Well, I wouldn’t want you to make anything up…So, tell the truth that you really don’t know the answer.

Mallory: So you just want me to be honest with you and us find the answer together?

Jake: Yes!

Mallory: So specifically today, Jake and I are going to talk through, how to know when your child is ready to accept Jesus, and walk you through the steps so you can confidently do this right at home…Realizing, you do NOT have to be a pastor to lead your child to Jesus!


4. Jake, even though your dad actually is a pastor, you don’t have someone from the church to lead somebody to the Lord, right?

Jake: Right. Just like I helped lead our neighbor to the Lord…just in our garage at home.

Mallory: Yes, that’s right! It’s simple enough, that even a kids can lead another child to the Lord…just like you have done before. Good friends share Jesus with their friends, just like you did, Jake!

And in the same way, parents are fully capable of leading their kids to Jesus…In fact, I think it is even more special when the parents are directly involved. If you need to have a pastor to help, that is totally fine, but regardless, this is your biggest calling as a parent, and we must be INVOLVED in our child’s salvation!

Jake actually stood up to get ask Jesus into his heart at a VBS at our church, but Josh (my husband) and I were able to do his counseling and walk through everything with him, and we had been involved with all of the teaching, Bible Stories, praying, songs, etc. that led him to this point of conviction. So to see the fruit of watching this sweet boy get saved, was one of my greatest joys in this life!

So Jake, since you have already asked Jesus into your life…I want you to help me, with how kids think as we read through this….just imagine we are reading this to your 6 year old brother, who still has not asked Jesus into his life yet…


Today, Jake and I go through this resource called, “How to Become a Christian, A Guide for Adult Christians to Discuss Knowing Jesus with a Child” on the podcast, if you would like to listen to that CLICK HERE. 

This is a great FREE resource that I wrote with my mother for how to know when your child is ready to accept Jesus, and if they are, what you need to do next. If you go to the bottom of homepage today, there is a free download available of the booklet, and all you have to do is give us your email and we will send it right to you! 

It is our prayer that you walk away from this podcast episode or blog, more confident when it comes to your kids God questions and specifically in leading them to Jesus! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me HERE.


I recommend to listen to this blog as a PODCAST today HERE!


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And always remember to keep up the good work of pointing your kid to Jesus!